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New Consumer Review Website Eliminates Information Gap in Yacht Charter Planning


New business tests the boundaries of charter sailors’ willingness to participate in customer satisfaction reviews. Yacht Charter Advisor,  uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies to evaluate up to 7 products and services in a single review, and compiles the information into an interactive database. Charter sailors can access several levels of real time, online reports to differentiate between varieties of charter professionals based on the quality of their services, as reported thru qualitative and quantitative data, by past clients.


“YCA provides a meaningful experience for yacht charter sailors seeking a credible method for locating products and services that past clients have given the green light,” States Stephen R. Austin, Founder, Yacht Charter Advisor LLC. After 2 years of design and development, all yacht charter sailors of every level are now encouraged to visit the site, create their custom review, rate their experience and let their voice be heard for the benefit of all charter sailors.


“Currently, there just aren’t any resources available using proven research methodologies to rate and rank the product and service quality of charter professionals. This makes it difficult for charter sailors to plan a vacation or a corporate event aboard a yacht,” says Jon Tulien, Director of Sales and Partner Relations.  “Previously, the resources have been limited to charter professionals advertising, brokers or directory style websites that list charter professionals for a commission.  All these have a built-in bias and can take hours to filter through. YCA provides the first ‘community- powered’  web based platform that enables charter sailors to share their experiences,  filter the information, then research the charter providers that serve their location, yacht type, and quality/service requirements…allowing them to make smart decisions and take action.”


YachtCharterAdvisor.Com features proven Web 2.0 technologies such as; XHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Linux, and Apache to deliver the performance of a sophisticated networked software application.  There are many professionally developed sites that solicit consumer opinion. As Stephen Austin notes, “YCA has created a coherent, trusted and legitimate source of consumer reviews.” Coherence is achieved by eliminating online C2C (consumer-to-consumer) reviewer ‘noise’ by focusing on an empirical standard for measuring product and service quality.  Trust is pursued by meeting world-class privacy standards using 3rd party privacy “watchdogs”. Legitimacy is achieved by adopting the standards and ethics of leading market research organizations.


Yacht Charter Advisor is a Colorado web based business established to address information gaps in yacht charter planning.  YCA provides charter sailors of power and sailing yachts world wide a platform to share their experiences and a suite of sophisticated online planning tools to make informed decisions.




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