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Charter Sailors Steve Austin and Jon Tulien, with lots of help from friends and family, created YCA to help
like minded Charter Sailors connect with Top Rated Charter Yachts and Pros based on sailor feedback. YCA is the worldwide online Charter Sailor community for power and sail, bareboat and crewed charters. The YCA Ratings and Reviews are impartial and unbiased, not hand picked or otherwise influenced by the Charter Pros.

We found chartering outside familiar waters was challenging and the "been there done that" feedback was highly sought after by sailors scouting new charter areas. We found no credible information on Yacht Condition, Charter Service Quality and real charter value online. Not surprisingly, the 'Dock Talk' of fellow Charter Sailors supported this; where to go, what to do and who to book with. The combined frustrations of missed expectations, difficulty in planning and finding vacation crew to fill our charter plans was preventing us from getting on the water as often as we would like.

What’s different about YCA is it has been designed from the ground up to be a Charter Sailor online social club and reading room with smooth access to Top Yachts and Pros and their best charter deals.

YCA helps with:

Finding Top Rated Charter Yachts and Charter Pros
Forming Charter Parties (finding vacation crew)

Scheduling and posting Flotillas and Regattas
Posting Open Berths for planned charters
Planning your charter 
Finding a Charter Guide for your Charter Party

YCA is totally FREE to Charter Sailors.

The selection of your next Charter Yacht or Pro is no longer old school advertising based but ‘written word’ from ‘people like me’. And the ones doing the writing are Charter Sailors, like us! The YCA Knowledgebase simply and richly captures your experiences and makes them available for Charter Sailors looking to expand their reach and charter with confidence.

Tell your charter story (aka. writing your Review) using rich text, photos and videos. Your fellow Charter Sailors want to know where you went, what you did and what the pleasant surprises were as well as the hiccups.

Claim your "YCA Monkey's Fist" 
after you Rate Your Experience’ and contribute to the Yacht Charter Knowledgebase. Our survey rewards are innovative, thoughtfull and valuable. Up first is our highly unique Monkey's Fist keychain that is guaranteed to get a "hey, that's cool, what is it?" while dangling from your pocket on the dock. In the Navy, this hung off many a seaman's marlin spike.

Remain anonymous or connect effortlessly with Charter Sailors and still enjoy and contribute voluntarily. YCA employs full survey and personal privacy protection and takes measures to verify a survey is valid and ensure the reviews “acknowledge accomplishments and encourage improvement”.

The YCA Discount is a value proposition for Charter Pros to improve their Ranked performance by offering direct discounts. Their displayed Rating information is untouched and discounts are offered prominently.

YCA will hear your unresolved charter issue with discretion and provide expert independent guidance towards resolution. The YCA staff have years of business escalation and mediation experience to assess the situation and make a balanced and tactful recommendation. Most important is to create, promote and preserve relationships between Charter Sailors and Pros.

YCA is not a booking agent or another passive on-line name listing company. We simply host the YCA social networking web site and manage the Yacht Charter Knowledgebase. Your next charter is planned with the help of other Charter Sailors and YCA puts you in touch with Top Ranked Charter Pros that support power, sail, bareboat and crewed yachts.

YCA has sponsors and clearly identifies sponsored content. YCA is well positioned as an unbiased resource for Charter Sailors of Top Ranked Charter Yachts and Pros. Only those Charter Yachts and Pros that have been Rated by their past clients appear on the YCA web site.

Also important, YCA is "scientific". We didn't make this up! Charter Pros use your Rating data (short, highly focused surveys) to study and improve their business (our pastime). The surveys are empirically designed and use the SERVQUAL service quality measurement system, a service industry standard since 1981. The Council of American Survey Reasearch Organization's (CASRO) Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research guide our handling of your survey data.  This means, YCA can be trusted by both Charter Sailors and Pros.

Come join us, meet new people and plan an adventure together.

Steve Austin, YCA Founder

Yacht Charter Surveys
Rate Your Experiences with charter locations, yacht condition and service quality

Charter Yacht & Charter Pro "Quality" Search Engine
Find Top Rated Yachts and Pros in the places you want to charter


Yacht Charter Manifest
Ratings, reviews and contact information on Charter Yachts & Pros

Charter Planner

Integrated step-by-step Yacht Charter Planning Tool

Request a Charter Quote
Bids from Top Ranked Charter Pros

Charter Sailor Locator

International vacation crew locating service

Charter Locator
Find flotilla’s, regatta’s and open berth opportunities worldwide

Charter Sailor Lounge
Open discussion of yacht charter topics


Stephen R. Austin, Founder and President
Jon Tulien, Vice President of Business Development
Tess, our Bookkeeper and Secretary


Yanxia, Jia, Gao, Frank and Li
from Shinetech software

Suzanne and Carol
from The Brand Ascension Group

Sharon Matt
from Smatterings, an eclectic array of artful things
(maker of Monkey's Fist Key Fob)

Rocco Pangallo
from Pangallo Accounting Services

A. Parasuraman; Valarie A. Zeithaml and Leonard L. Berry
for their work on SERVQUAL, a service quality management system

Jennifer Ward
from the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO)

Voxel Web
Hosting Services
Very professional, reliable and affordable


Norman Henry Martin
From The Boston Sailing Center, a forward thinking sailing instructor

And all the brave Charter Sailors that have given, and will give, YCA a try!

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