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Yacht Charter Manifest


~ Manifest Introduction ~

The Charter Manifest is written by Worldwide Charter Sailors to provide charter confidence and assurances of value based on unbiased reports of Charter Yacht Condition & Charter Pro Service Quality.  Everyone in the Charter Party is encouraged to Rate Their Experience and contribute to the wealth of knowledge contained in the Charter Manifest - Enjoy!

~ Find Inside ~
Ratings, Rankings & Reviews with rich stories, photos and videos of
worldwide Charter Yachts and Pros including; vitals, extras, location,
track record, associates, condition, references and experience!

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Bareboat & Crewed ~ Power & Sail
Condition: Cleanliness, Condition, Operation & Safety

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Companies, Brokers, Schools, Instructors, Captains, Chefs, Marinas
Service Quality: Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness, Empathy

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