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Know all men by these presents:

and to all bubbleheads, sea lawyers, salts, snipes, landlubbers, skimmers, scavengers, goldbricks, and other scurvey of the sea...

Be it known...
By all earthly mortals and others who may be honored
by their distinguished presence that

~ Charter Brokers ~

for their brave and brazen acts of arranging to sail the Spanish Main and other illustrious and dangerous charter waters are hereby
by the laws of the sea to brag, swagger, spit into the wind and otherwise conduct themselves in the manner of the crews of the Jolly Roger and...

~ To Be Judged ~
by the sniveling, kniving and lowly Charter Sailors who've entrusted their safety, vacations, families and paid for the privelege to breathe the same air with them.

Disobey This order under penalty of their royal displeasure:

Captain Henry Morgan    
Keeper of the Spanish Main

Neptunus Rex
Ruler of the Raging Main

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